Do you have a living room that could use a ceiling fan to cool it down? Installing a ceiling fan yourself is relatively easy, if you are simply replacing a light fixture that is already in the proper location. Because a ceiling fan must have the same electrical wiring as your light fixture, the only primary thing that really needs to be done is to change the workbox that can manage the weight of the ceiling fan. If you dont modify the present workbox to something that can cope with the weight could mean disaster. Just before you do anything, read the instructions for your fan very cautiously and make sure you have the essential tools.Oftentimes, when talking about Kids Bed Sets, it is not a good idea to consider it in remote conditions.

If you are installing the fan on a cathedral ceiling, you may require to acquire additional parts for extending the fan straight down lower. When you have all the stuff ready to go, the first thing you must do is make sure that the breaker is switched off so no power goes to the light fixture. After removing the current light fixture, examine to see if the installed workbox can manage the weight of your ceiling fan. Normally they aren't made for a ceiling fan, so you will want to add additional support. Incorporating support to the workbox is not that difficult if you have entry to the light fixture from the attic.

All you need to do, is nail a 2x4 within the ceiling rafters, so it touches the top of the workbox. Make sure the 2x4 is attached in its place, and then attach the box to the wood. If you do it the right way, the fan should be properly supported by the 2x4. If you do not have access to the attic, you will definately have to mount metal cross bracing via the hole in your ceiling. It is more difficult to do and may not be that reliable but its the best option if you have no attic admittance. When you have assembled the fan carefully, you are now in a position to hang your fan. The hard part is keeping the fan, while hooking up the wiring. Relying on the fan, some come with a clinging frame, and others contain a bracket with a J hook that lets you dangle the motor housing. Majority of fans have a chain to master the speed of the fan when the wall switch turns the device on or off. If you choose to also install a light kit with the fan, both can be controlled by either chain or wall switch.

Following, just follow the wiring directions, usually as easy as connecting the two black wires, both the white wires, as well as the two ground wires. And once you have finished the wiring, all you need to do now is attach the blades. As soon as that is carried out, turn the breaker back on to see the results.

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