Do you have a living room that could make use of a ceiling fan to cool it down? Adding a ceiling fan by yourself is relatively easy, if you are basically replacing a light fixture that is already in the proper location. All of the wires will already be around, therefore the only obstacle will be replacing the existing workbox with one that is approved for the weight of a ceiling fan. If you dont modify the current workbox to something that can manage the weight could spell disaster. Right before you perform anything, read the instructions for your fan very carefully and make sure that you have the necessary tools.(See Identical Short Article: Check The Link)

If you plan to setup the fan on a cathedral type ceiling, you might need to have parts to boost the fan lower. Whenever you have everything all set, the foremost thing you should do is make sure that the breaker is switched off so no power goes to the light fixture. The moment you take out the light fixture, examine to see if the existing workbox can handle the added weight. On most occasions, the workbox is not going to be able to take on the extra weight so you may need additional support. You could do this really easily if you are able to get the light fixture from the attic. All you want to do, is nail a 2x4 between the ceiling rafters, in order that it touches the top of the workbox. Check the 2x4 is secured in its place, and then bolt the box to the wood. If you do it the right way, the fan should be properly supported by the 2x4. In cases where you are not able to do it from the attic space or you have no attic, you will need to add a cross bracing in your ceiling. Carrying out this is more of a challenge and may not be as secure as using a 2x4 but it is the best you can do if you dont have access to the attic.

After you have put the fan together according to the instructions, you are ready to deploy the fan to your light fixture. The challenge is to store the fan while attaching the wiring. The difficulty is according to the kind of fan you acquire, whether it is a draping frame or a fan that has a bracket with a J hook. For many fans the wall switch will turn it on or off, while the chain will control the speeds. If you prefer a light kit together with your fan, they can be controlled by either chain or wall switch.

Cabling the fan is as easy as connecting two black wires, two ground wires and two white wires. Once you have finished the wiring, all you need to do now is affix the blades. Right after you install the blades, the only thing left is to change the breaker back on to find out if you did it right.

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